Ancient Calitrian ceramics
calitri tradizioni
In Calitri, artisans, as a social class, were highly esteemed and respected; they were often literate and frequently the only bulwark of resistance against the powerful. Among the artisans, the ceramists stood out for their reputation and professionalism.
They were called “faenzari”, since they were originally from the city of Faenza. They all lived by in isolation on the same street, named “Faenzari Street”.
Their families were kept busy in the manufacture and decoration of house wares.
Since the ceramists’ pay wasn’t always sufficient, their wives often had to work in the fields to supplement the family income.
Along with the ceramics trade, the art of embroidery was also well established. The latter craft was widespread, even though it lacked distinctive local features.
calitri tradizioni
The ceramics tradition
Ceramic manufacturing
Cutting, sewing, embroidery
calitri tradizioni
Master craftsmen and apprentices